Holistic Skin
Hair Care

Philosophy & Mission


An ordinary substance transformed in a mysterious and impressive way into something extraordinary. Inspired by the profoundly therapeutic effects achieved by combining simple, natural ingredients into elixirs of substance, LR Modern Alchemy is committed to changing your world. We believe deeply in the healing powers of plants and flowers, and we use only the finest ingredients, organically grown and sustainably harvested, to promote your heath and the health of the earth. Laurie Richardone believes in sustaining and appreciating beauty of all kinds, and seeks to create beauty around her, in her meals, in her daily living, and especially, in her perfectly hand-blended, artisan products. She has traveled far and wide in search of beauty, and her mission is to bring this beauty to you – in the form of curative, revitalizing, natural products that will genuinely celebrate and heal your body and spirit.


It can be like an excursion into something as old as the pyramids, it can also define and create your experience of yourself. Aromatherapy is a science and an art, and LR Modern Alchemy combines luxuriant and lavish fragrances designed to enhance and inspire your complete well being. Just as our memories can re-create themselves with one drop of Lavender or Rose, for example, they can also be created with our unique signature oil blends that are exotic, synergistic, and yet simple.


Balancing the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of ourselves so that we can live intentionally and with grace. In holistic medicine each ingredient has its own remarkable purpose, and we blend these in much the same way a cook would create a perfect blend of flavors, so that your body is drinking in the benefits of that infusion. Your skin is your largest organ, and it is essential that the products you apply only enhance your health and well being. And your hair – it is the frame and silhouette of your face and being – our hair products hydrate, strengthen and soften your tresses. We use blends of Avocado, Primrose, Calendula and Arnica oils, to name just a few, infused with pure essential oils such as Sandalwood, Lime Blossom, Geranium, and Neroli. These alternate blends are designed to heal, compliment, and enliven your spirit in multiple ways.