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LR Modern Alchemy was named, with great respect for ancient alchemists, after their ability to transform simple ingredients into something truly spectacular. With great integrity and the fine art of honoring every ingredient and the synergistic effect of mixing ingredients, Laurie Richardone hand-blends the finest ingredients available, in very small batches, to create a pure and perfect balance of beneficial effects and aromatic vibrations. Inspired by the idea of living beautifully, naturally, Laurie Richardone has created a holistic boutique line of handmade, artisan products designed to celebrate the wondrous and precious gifts that nature has given us. Just as great chefs create something new with an exact use of spices and oils and foods, Laurie has studied the art of layering ingredients, so that within each product, subtle harmonious pulsations of florals and herbs exist to heal, calm, rejuvenate and seduce you into feeling and looking your best. It doesn’t take many products to achieve beauty – it takes the right few.