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Meet Laurie Richardone

Laurie Richardone, a native New Yorker, first studied as a hair stylist in London. In the 1990’s she worked at some of the premier salons in New York City, and later opened Anita Louise Salon in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which was soon awarded “The World’s Best Award” for Beauty in Travel & Leisure Magazine. Committed to living a healthy life style, Laurie was a pioneer in natural products — she began studying aromatherapy, farm-to-table philosophies (which she turned into a farm-to-salon philosophy), and holistic medicines. This inspired her first round of Anita Louise Aromatics in 1995.

Flash forward to 2014, and Laurie’s company, LR Modern Alchemy, which is still a small boutique line, and where Laurie still creates each product by hand. LR Modern Alchemy is the apotheosis of her philosophy in life: everything she does is in the service of an authentic, heartfelt, realization of beauty — for the most sincere expression of love.  Her mission has become to educate, share, and create medicinal  products that can change the way we live, and always, to reveal your own natural beauty.

~ A Personal note 

Throughout my career my respite has always taken me into my kitchen. It is my happy place, were much of my inspiration comes from. There is a deep connection in the food I prepare and the blends I have developed over the years.

My deeper understanding of the balance between art and science has helped me grow from an instinctual home cook to personal chef and teacher.

My passion has become to cook and teach what I have learned through trial and error, and the on going testing of many recipes to create delicious seasonal gluten free and grain free food.  Eating a gluten free diet has changed my life.

What we put in and on our bodies are of equal importance. It has become my joy to share what I have learned with others.

 Delicious In A Gluten Free World  ~  https://www.LaurieRichardone.com

In Gratitude,