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Celebrating women at every age

I am getting older and I have been getting older for the last 57 years. This is the natural process of life. As this process has unfolded I continue to strive to accept fully where I am on this path called life. I want to be fit and fabulous at every age and ...

Gluten Free Roasted Duck Legs with Squash and Blackberry and Apple Sauce

Kitchen Alchemy With Laurie Richardone

Collectively all over the globe we start to ponder the holiday season. It is a time of gratitude, reflection and celebration. My stream of culinary adventures, inspirations and pure love of cooking continues. There are only a couple of weekends left to our beloved Santa Fe farmers market. To take full advantage of the fall ...

Gluten Free Butternut Squash Soup

Kitchen Alchemy With Laurie Richardone

Autumn is in full bloom, and as the days shorten I find myself ready to welcome this fruitful season. A recent trip to the farmers market had me thinking of root vegetables, soups, stews and all the comforting food this time of year brings us. It is time to get cozy, make a fire, open ...

Gluten Free Concord Grape Tart

Kitchen Alchemy With Laurie Richardone

  The autumn season is almost upon us. The colors are starting to change, the air feels crisp, and the aromatics of the fall harvest at the farmers market are intoxicating. I don’t know about you, but I start to think of the many delicious varieties of pies that the season brings us, ...

Gluten Free Late Summer Recipes

Kitchen Alchemy With Laurie Richardone

Cooking is a wonderful way to express one’s creativity. Through my ongoing travels I am exposed to new cultures, new people and of course the food. My journey, my learning, my inspiration…continues. Often times it is the simplicity of a dish that gets my attention. A plate of Farmers Market yellow Squash, sautéd with ...

Gluten Free Green Garlic and Spinach Soufflé

Kitchen Alchemy With Laurie Richardone

The slow movement isn't just about food... The Slow food movement started in Italy. It was credited to Carlos Petrini with the initial aim to maintain regional traditions, good food,gastronomic pleasure and a slow pace of life — with the idea to take it slow — to do things mindfully, carefully and do it ...