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Celebrating the second saturn return

Cycles are at the heart of human experience.Whether we believe everything happens at its right time or believe it is fortuitous to be born at a particular point in time. We will all experience the rhythms of life.

Likewise, the sun, moon and planets all have their cycles.What about the other planets and the profound effect they have.?The powerful planet saturn has my attention, as I am entering my second saturn return.  The Saturn cycle is the 29.5 year orbit around the sun.Our human experience can be divided by these cycles into 3 stages. Birth to 29 – 29-58 – 58 -87…

The first cycle can be about pleasing others, not being sure of ourselves, groundlessness.

The second cycle we start to blossom into our potential and our focus is about pursuing a career and building our future.

The 3rd cycle,the 2nd saturn return can be a powerful epoch time.

It is a time of redefining our lives with all the experience and maturity that has been developing over time. It represents the arrival of the harvest and our reward for hard work and effort.  It can bring all the fruits of the heart if we are willing to be patient!  Everything to its season!

It is a beautiful chance for the spirit to rise, a time to follow through on our visions.

Yes! we change physically, which is not always easy to accept for sure.  The beautiful gifts we do get as we age are wisdom, a better understanding of simplicity, and being comfortable in our skin.

We spend a lot of energy on that outer shell.  What a wonderful opportunity to go deeper and embrace that wisdom that we can only have as we get older.It can be an exciting time with all the new possibilities of looking at the world out of our new found understanding!

Sophia Loren ,77 years young –  was asked for her tips on graceful aging –

“Spend time with people you like – Walk, walk,walk – relax and read – watch the sunset.  Enjoy your life”

I start to ponder the questions: what do I want to do with my time? With whom do I want to spend it with?

What if we were not to worry so much about what people think ? What choices would we make?

What will we do with all this experience?

How will we age gracefully?

With gratitude


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