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Q.  What is the shelf life of LR Modern Alchemy Products?

We make all of our blends in small batches to ensure freshness. We recommend using products within 6 months of opening for best results. Long term exposure to sunlight and/or heat should be avoided.

Q.  My products seem different than the last product I have used — Why is that?

We use only the finest wild crafted and organic oils possible. They are not mass produced the way other ingredients often are. Variations in scent and color are intrinsic in the natural sector.

Q.  My oil seems cloudy — Why is that?

These are organically grown plants and flowers, and are 100% natural. An occasional harmless haze may occur.

Q.  What does sustainability mean?

How do we live together now and through generations — Sustainability embraces an organic approach to agriculture.
Organic agriculture is a system that preserves the health of soils, ecosystems, and people — The gift of good land.

Q.  Does LR Modern Alchemy test on animals?

We never test our products on animals. We do not use antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides, or chemical fertilizers so that the integrity of what is being grown is not compromised.

Q.  Is LR Modern Alchemy packaging recyclable?

All of our glass bottles are recyclable. We have an in-house program, that after you purchase 6 bottles of one product you will receive a complimentary bottle of the same blend.

Customers are responsible for shipping bottles back to us, and the shipping of a new bottle. To inquire, email us at customerservice@LRModernAlchemy.com.

Q.  What if I am interested in purchasing an item that is not on your website?

There are specialty and limited edition products only available in our Santa Fe salon and shop. Customers are always welcome to call, and purchasing and shipping can be arranged over the phone.

Q.  Who do I contact for additional product information?

We are available to answer any questions you might have, by calling us at (843) 388-4697 during business hours, Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm EST, or email us anytime at customerservice@LRModernAlchemy.com.

Q.  Do you ship Internationally ?

Yes we do. Shipping costs vary depending on the country. Please E-mail us at customer service@LRModernAlchemy.com , and we can quote you a shipping cost. Please include all shipping information. Thank you

Hair Care FAQ

Q.  This shampoo doesn't seem to lather as much as other brands. Why?

Our products are free of sodium lauryl sulphates which is a harsh detergent that is drying and damaging to the hair and skin. Shampoo hair twice first time to lift out any oils or products, second to ensure hair is thoroughly cleansed and ready for our hairfood conditioner.

Q.  I can't comb my hair with just using your shampoo. Why?

Most shampoos contain artificial ingredients such as silicone (a liquid plastic) that coats the hair and makes it easier to comb. Silicone builds up on the hair and will eventually leave your hair dull. After even a small amount of our hairfood conditioner, you will be able to comb your hair beautifully.

Q.  How often should I wash my hair?

Depending on how dry or coarse your hair is, typically wash 1-3 times a week. Fine hair needs washing more often.

Q.  I have very fine hair. I am concerned conditioner will leave my hair feeling greasy and weighed down.

Because we do not use silicone or waxes, our conditioner will never weigh down hair and leaves your locks feeling hydrated and shiny. Our products are designed to work together. You should always condition hair after shampooing.

Q.  This is a very new concept for me to put 'Hair Finishing Oil' on my hair. Help me understand why I would do this?

Hair simply needs oil and makes it naturally, which is stripped by over washing and color processing, as well as by the effects of the weather and climate you live in. Our Hair Finishing Oils are light weight and don't coat or weigh down the hair, but put back moisture and shine.