Holistic Skin
Hair Care

Body Brush Exfoliant

This simple scrub increases circulation and will leave the skin feeling refreshed and silky smooth. Recipe : Mix all ingredients and apply to moist skin. Massage for 5 minutes in a circular motion. Rinse well. Pat dry. 1/2 cup sea salt - ...

Graceful Aging

In the skin you're in

The essence of Holistic Skin Care is simplicity. Having beautiful skin doesn't have to translate into having 20 bottles in your cabinet ,with  unnatural ingredients that we can’t pronounce. What skin does craves is a dose of TLC and common sense. For many of us this could simply mean using the perfect cleanser, toner and ...

Graceful Aging

Celebrating the second saturn return

Cycles are at the heart of human experience.Whether we believe everything happens at its right time or believe it is fortuitous to be born at a particular point in time. We will all experience the rhythms of life. Likewise, the sun, moon and planets all have their cycles.What about the other planets and the profound ...

Graceful Aging

Celebrating women at every age

I am getting older and I have been getting older for the last 57 years. This is the natural process of life. As this process has unfolded I continue to strive to accept fully where I am on this path called life. I want to be fit and fabulous at every age and ...