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Hair Oil Infusion — Vintage

A timeless blend of Patchouli, Sandalwood & Neroli. Provocative, warm & earthy. Our most hydrating Hair Oil. Clients routinely report this is one product they are unwilling to live without.

1.7 fl. oz / 50 ml


Rich Argan Oil has instant absorption and transforms the hair after a single application. It is rich in tocopherols and essential fatty acids.

How to Use

Apply a small amount to ends of hair, then lightly work through.

Hand blended with organic oils of Argania spinosa (Argan Oil), Prunus amgdalus dulcis (Sweet Almond Oil), Calendula officinalis (Calendula Flower), Tocopherols (vitamin E), and the purest essential oils of Pogistemon patchouli (Patchouli Oil), Santalum spicatum (Sandalwood Oil), and Citrus autantium (Neroli Oil).

Key Ingredients

Argan Oil  —  A core ingredient in the preservation of healthy skin in harsh environments, this rare and exquisite oil is meticulously expeller pressed from the fruit kernels of the Moroccan tree. It is rich in tocopherols (vitamin E) and essential fatty acids.

Calendula Oil  —  Calendula petals are macerated in sunflower oil, and this process creates an infusion that repairs cells, strengthens your hair and adds deep conditioning.

Sandalwood Essential Oil  —  Widely known for its aroma and amazing medicinal properties. Sandalwood is suitable for all skin types and is especially useful for chapped,dry,sensitive or inflamed skin.Sandalwood Oil is very calming and harmonizing and has always been used for meditation and rituals.

Neroli Essential Oil  —  This divine essential oil is produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. It takes 100 lbs. of flowers to make 1 lb. of oil. With vitamins, minerals and generous amounts of vitamin C, it rejuvenates and nourishes your skin. The name Neroli is said to originate from the Italian princess, Anne-Marie de la Tremoille. Neroli Essential Oil invokes a feeling of joy and happiness while uplifting your overall mood.


  1. gennaro

    As a man I was initially uninterested, but since trying it I now use it daily. A few drops for my hair is amazing. I also use a few drops as a pre shave, and wow…not only is it a much closer shave, it’s an easy comfortable shave.

  2. Tamar Kathleen Tomson

    Laurie custom tweaks the ingredients in this infusion for me due to my allergies. It’s so worth it! I use it daily not only to feed and style my hair, but because it brings out the details, textures and layers of my cut and color. I also love wearing the smell.

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