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Graceful Aging

Celebrating women at every age

I am getting older and I have been getting older for the last 57 years. This is the natural process of life.

As this process has unfolded I continue to strive to accept fully where I am on this path called life.

I want to be fit and fabulous at every age and not reach back to something that not only is unattainable but unflattering.  65 will never translate to 25 or 35.

There is no single solution for all signs of aging, though we admit it would be great if it were really that simple.

Nature provides us with many tools to stay healthy and vibrant. The resources are there for us . If we utilize the powerful oils extracted from carrot seeds, apricot seeds, rose hip seeds to name a few, we will feed our skin with vital nutrients, that when created without chemicals and with loving hands will over time transform the look and feel of our skin.

It is a challenge to stay away from the toxins of the 21st century that tell us if we do this or use this product it will turn back the clock.

We spend  a lot of energy on that outer thin shell. What about the aging that is going on in the inside, the wisdom inside, our spirits. It is only with aging do we gain that beautiful wisdom, that unshakeable confidence. That is what makes us glow.

It has become my mission to shed as much light as possible on the importance of using organically grown and wild crafted ingredients, both in the food we eat and the products we use every day for a life time.  Every choice makes a difference to ourselves, to the earth and to the people around us.

Lauren Hutton was asked  when she was 52, if she could would she want to be 25 again? her reply was “only if I can take my 52 year old mind with me”.

Lets celebrate who we have become as strong vibrant women who have earned every little beautiful line.  Every age has something wonderful to offer. How Marvelous it is when a person is together inside and out.

This is graceful aging…

With gratitude